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Forex trading Brokers : Looking for a competitive FX (forex) trading account?

Forex trading

FOREX TRADING BROKERS :Looking for a competitive FX (forex) trading account?

We’ve compiled a table of the leading forex trading providers. Here you can easily compare the different offers, and apply for a forex trading account right away.
CompanySpreadAvg spreadLeverage ratio 1:Trade minAccount min24 Hour tradingDemo accountApply
ETX Capital
Variable0.6 pips200£0.10£100yesyesApply
Core Spreads
Cloud trade fixed, MT4 variablefrom 0.6 pts1000.01£0yesyesApply
London Capital Group
Floatingstarts from 0.61:3001 contract£0yesyes
City Index
Fixed1 point20:1 to 400:125p£0yesyesApply
Variable0-3 pips500£1,000£100yesyes
Moneycorp Markets
Variable3 - 4 pips100£100,000£10,000noyes
Variable2 - 5 pips2001 contract£0yesyes
TD Waterhouse
Variable2 - 5 pips2001 contract£0nono
Variable2 - 6 pips101 contract£0yesyes
Variable2 - 5 pips200£10,000£200yesyes
Variable1 - 5 pips101 contract£0noyes
Variable2 - 5 pips100£50,000£5,000yesno
CMC Markets
Variable0.9 (EUR/USD)2000.01 units£0yesyesApply
Variable1 - 5 pips4001 contract£120yesyes
Fixed & Variable0 - 2.8 pips100£10,000£500yesyes
InterTrader Direct
InterTrader copmany logo
variable1 pip1001 contract£1,000yesyesApply
VariableEUR/USD: 0.7530:1 UK
30:1 EU ESMA
200:1 Australia
£1 for spread betting and $1 for CFD trading£150yesyesApply
Variable1.3 - 2 pips400£1,000£250yesyes
Fixed2 - 5 pips400£2£35yesyes
Accendo Markets
Variable1 - 5 pips1001 contract£1,000yesyes
Variable2 - 5 pips200£10,000£200yesno
Fixed2 - 5 pips1001 contract£0yesnoApply
Saxo Capital Markets
Variable1 - 5 pips200£10,000£5,000yesyesApply
FP Markets
Variable1 - 3 pips100£10,000£1,000yesyes

Important information about this page: We've done our utmost to make this table as comprehensive as possible, including as many service providers as we can. We provide this free of charge. In order to fund this service we make it easy to apply directly from this page to providers that may give our group a referral fee should you choose to use their service. Rest assured this does not affect the cost to you for using any of these service providers. We do not recommend a particular service and you should always select the service that's right for you. We regularly check the accuracy of the information in the tables, however if you spot something that is not correct or feel there is a leading service provider missing, please contact us.

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